Cool Cars are B W O’Brien’s business 

Car Air Conditioning also requires maintenance just like your home Air Conditioning. We have specifically trained engineers that are available to service and repair your car air conditioning.

The most common fault is that the air conditioning system may be short of refrigerant, which will make the system not run as cold as it should. It is important that the system is thoroughly checked over by a fully trained technician prior to the system being recharged with refrigerant to identify any leaks or possible causes for the loss of refrigerant. Our team are fully trained in this area. 

If when the team start working on the car it is a more major fault than loss of refrigerant, we stop working on the vehicle, explain to you the fault and give you a quote on what the repairs will cost.

We are also available to do calls to farm vehicles, tractors, trucks and large vehicles. If your car needs some attention, contact us today and book your vehicle in.